Custom-made signaling equipment

As a signalling equipment manufacturer, what really makes Auer Signal stand out is the passion our developers have for creating signalling equipment that is made to suit our customers’ specific needs.

What we offer

  • Developments entirely from scratch
  • Product changes and adaptations
  • Customer-specific product design
  • Special solutions for the wiring, connections or installation method

Tailor-made –
signalling equipment
to suit your requirements

In cases involving special developments or special series, customers generally come to us with highly defined requirements, problems or wishes.

These might relate to an unusual application area, special requirements for the equipment’s impermeability, impact resistance or ruggedness, or specific expectations or requirements concerning the signalling effect or the design of a piece of signalling equipment.

Series P in the Sand

We already have experience in developing outstanding products for a whole range of industrial companies.

Series P – A custom-made signal beacon

Signal device in use

Series P – A custom-made signal beacon

Our Series P – the Tough was developed specifically for a well-known crane manufacturer. The customer required a beacon that would stay fully sealed and would not fill with water – even when exposed to a whole host of climates and significant temperature fluctuations.

We designed a fully sealed, pre-wired signal beacon offering resistance to these large jumps in temperature – and to the effects of UV rays. Now, Series P is one of Auer Signal’s most successful series of products.

Customized –
signaling equipment
to suit your requirements

Not only do our product developers create products entirely from scratch, they also make small adaptations, adjustments and other changes to existing products – modifying the cabling, connections or installation method, for example.

One example of this work is our adaptation of Series N to suit a Liebherr crawler crane. In this case, the wiring method, with its standardised cable connections, was proving difficult to use. To meet Liebherr’s requirements, it took us just a short time to produce a version of Series N featuring a pre-wired base plus a cannon connection, which is present in every vehicle.

Series N in use

Auer Signal Signal light on a Liebherr crane