Multi-tone sirens with strobe

For individual effect! You can select a specific tone of our multi-tone sirens and also display effective light signals using the light indicador like strobe beacons. We offer this combination products in various sizes and colours for mounting horizontal or vertical. The volume range of our products goes from 103 dB up to 127 dB. Save up to 40% by purchasing a combined product from Series A in comparison to full A+Q combinations.


Effective protection of industrial plants

In many industries it is very often a concern to secure plants and prevent the entry of unauthorized people. In this case it is common to use a siren. But how can you send a signal that attracts even more attention? Simply by adding a visual light signal to the siren's audible alarm. The powerful sound of a multi tone siren in combination with a flashing light indicator like strobe beacons guarantees a particularly high signaling effect.

Multi-tone sirens with strobe lights for immediate alerting

The combination of multi-tone siren with a visual light (with continuous light, blinking or flashing function) is also used in production plants and automation. As soon as a standstill or a disturbance in the production flow occurs, the sound and light signals give a fast and clear alarm. The personnel can thus eliminate the fault as quickly as possible or initiate safety measures.

Our extensive know-how in one combination product

The design of our audible visual products is the result of our know-how and the result of long research. This has enabled us to combine two individual products in a combination of multi tone siren with strobe light.

Depending on the size and equipment of the various models, the strobe is either integrated at the front of the multi-tone siren or mounted on the upper part of the housing. In addition, both versions can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

Made in Austria, available worldwide

Auer Signal was founded in 1910 in the south of Vienna, Austria, and has specialized in the development of signaling devices. You will find visual, audible and explosion proof signalling devices in our portfolio. Companies worldwide appreciate the high quality and reliability of our products. To place an order, please contact a sales partner in your area.

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