Rotating beacon lights

If you're searching for classical warning lights, then have a look at our rotating beacon lights. Our lights can be mounted horizontal, vertical, on a tube, or magnetic. They are available in various colours and rotate at a constant speed, regardless of temperature or environment. Get one of Auer Signal's bestseller products made of robust high-quality material polycarbonate.


Rotating beacon lights: 360° signal effect

In the category rotating beacon light you will find our rotating mirror beacons for an optimal signal effect. With rotating mirror beacons, the light source is surrounded by a semicircular mirror which radiates the light point by rotating the mirror in a certain direction. The result is a rotating light cone that attracts a lot of attention. Auer Signal‘s rotating beacon lights have a smooth dome to achieve the optimum signal effect.

Rotating beacon lights with rotating mirror beacons of the Series M.

In our Series M you will find rotating beacon lights in three different sizes:

Depending on the size of the beacon, halogen lamps from 20 to 50 watts are installed inside. Halogen lamps function similarly to conventional light bulbs. Halogen lamps are operated at high temperature to radiate energy.

Our rotating beacon lights are available in four different dome colours and rotate at a constant speed (90/180 rpm). The speed is independent of temperature or environment. You will find rotating beacons in orange, yellow, red and green.

You can choose from a variety of mounting options for our rotating beacon lights. Choose from a horizontal, vertical or a tube and magnet mounting of our rotating beacon light.