Rotating beacon lights: 360° signal effect

Rotating beacon lights create an optimal signal effect. In classic rotating mirror beacons, the light source (e.g. halogen lamp) is enclosed by a semicircular mirror, which emits the light spot by rotating the mirror in a specific direction. This results in a rotating light cone, which attracts a lot of attention.

Unlike rotating mirror beacons, rotating beacon lights are not necessarily based on the technology of the mirror inside the lens. Rotating beacons can be equipped with LED sticks inside the lens instead of a mirror. The rotating illumination of the LEDs creates the rotating light.

For this reason, rotating mirror lights consist of a mirror inside the dome. Rotating beacons, on the other hand, can be based on the same technology as rotating mirror beacons, or with LED technology. Rotating beacon lights from Auer Signal have a smooth lens to achieve the optimal signal effect.

Rotating beacon lights in LED technology from Auer Signal

Multifunction beacons of the R series offer six different lighting functions. Among them you will find the function rotating light. The rotating light function in LED technology replaces the obsolete halogen rotating mirror beacons of the M series.

The Series R multifunction beacons are available in standard (RDM) and high performance (RDMHP) versions with a high lens. Both models can reproduce the rotating light function at two different speed levels (90/180 rpm).

Series R multifunction beacons

Rotating mirror beacons

Rotating mirror beacons of the M series have been replaced by the LED multifunction beacons of the R series in 2020. The advantages of LED technology as well as the flexible and versatile use of multifunction beacons compared to rotating mirror lights speak for themselves.

The M series included rotating mirror lights in three different sizes:
  • 90 mm (MRS)
  • 120 mm (MRM)
  • 160 mm (MRL)

    Depending on the size of the luminaire, halogen lamps of 20 to 50 watts were installed inside. Halogen lamps work similarly to conventional incandescent bulbs. Halogens are operated at high temperature to radiate energy.

    Drehspiegelleuchte von Auer Signal
    Series M rotating mirror beacon

    Mounting options for rotating beacon lights

    A wide range of mounting options are available for the Auer Signal rotating beacons of the series R. The high universal base (RBH) allows a horizontal as well as a tube mounting. But also the low standard base (RBL) is suitable for a horizontal mounting and with the appropriate angles a vertical wall mounting is possible.