wST weather-proof analogue telephone


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wST weather-proof analogue telephone

  • Resistant to temperature differences, humidity, seawater, acids, alkalis, greases, etc.
  • High degree of protection IP 66 & impact resistance IK09
  • Steel-armoured handset cord to withstand high tensile forces
  • Robust, impact-resistant housing
  • For demanding industrial, onshore and offshore applications
  • V4A steel keypad, designed for use with gloves
  • Easily readable alphanumerical display
  • Freely programmable, housing colours black and red
  • Version without keypad/display available as emergency telephone

Technical data

Transportation/storage temperature-25°C/+70°C
Dialling methodPD DTMF operation can be selected from menu
DTMF operation as per CCITT recommendation Q.23
PD operation with pulse/pause ratio of 1.5:1 or 2:1, which can be selected via menu navigation
HousingGlass-fibre-reinforced polyester black
Type of mountingvertical
Cable entry1x M20 x 1.5, 2x M20 x 1.5 blind plugs
Connection technologyup to 4 mm² rigid, up to 2.5 mm² flexible
Operating temperature-25 °C / +60 °C
Degree of protectionIP66
Impact resistanceIK09
KeypadMetal keypad with ice protection 21 keys with ABC lettering for name entries
Noise suppression> 3 dB thanks to integrated mouthpiece horn
Supply voltage24 V DC - 66 V DC
Supply current0,015 A DC-0,100 A DC
Ringing alternating current24 V AC–90 V AC (at 21–54 Hz ringing frequency)
30 V AC–90 V AC (at 16.6–54 Hz ringing frequency)
Tone ringing impedance> 6.0 KΩ at 25 Hz and 24–90 V AC
> 4.0 KΩ at 50 Hz and 24–90 V AC
Enquiry keyFlash function can be adjusted from 40 ms–399 ms
W conductorOption to connect external call signalling sounder
Weight5,4 kg
Tone ringing volume90 dB
Display2-line alphanumerical display with pictograms, visible area 78 x 26 mm
MouthpieceElectret microphone
Receiverdynamic receiver with leakage field spool for inductively coupling hearing aids
Stabiliser bracketintegrated, adjustable stabiliser protection
Handset cordsteel-reinforced armoured cord made of V4A


TypeType of accessoryColourHousing materialWeightOrder no.
Headset kit  - HS2HS2Headset kit 410 g410200001Save to watchlist
Weather-proof telephone switch relay  - TCRTCRWeather-proof telephone switch relay 750 g410100200Save to watchlist
Telephone sound protection hood  - TH1TH1Telephone sound protection hood amber (RAL 2000)glass-fibre-reinforced plastic (GFRP)40 kg410100007Save to watchlist
Telephone sound protection hood  - TH1TH1Telephone sound protection hood yellow (RAL 1023)Console (sheet steel, powder-coated)17 kg410100011Save to watchlist
Telephone sound protection hood  - TH1TH1Telephone sound protection hood yellow (RAL 1023)Metal35 kg410100006Save to watchlist