Modul Compete 50
Competitive Simplicity

CT5 is all about

40 mm Ø50 mm Ø60 mm Ø70 mm Ø

PC7 – Premium

Our signal tower flagship PC7 meets the highest demands. The PC7 is the right choice when a future-proof, high-performance Signal Tower with many flexible options is needed.
70 mm Ø
Pc7 Premium signal tower from Auer Signal

CT5 – Competition

The cost-optimised CT5 has the same central contacting as the PC7, but was developed exclusively for 24V DC operation. For standard applications where high quality and an attractive price are required, the CT5 is the right choice.
50 mm Ø
CT5 cost optimized signal tower from Auer Signal

Eco Modul – Performance

The standard signal tower series Eco-Modul is still equipped with classic contacting with metal pins, but also offers a complete product range in LED and incandescent lamp technology in three sizes.
40 mm Ø
Eco-Modul 40, smallest of the standard signal tower series
60 mm Ø
Eco-Modul 60, classic signal tower from Auer Signal
70 mm Ø
Eco-Modul 70, performance model of signal towers

& smooth

The CT5 is based on patented central internal contacting and a smooth, flat-flush surface design.

This ensures that the information is forwarded safely and can be produced cost-effectively. Inside the CT5 light modules there is an integrated lens bridge which additionally distributes the light signals evenly in all directions. The light modules of the CT5 thus provide an efficient and optically attractive signal pattern.

Due to the modern, flat-flush external design of the CT5, hardly any dust or other residues can settle on the signal tower.

smooth design

The CT5 modules

Reduced to the max.

Multifunctional Module

The LED multifunction module of the CT5 is available in six colours and offers the following functions: LED continuous light, LED flashing light, LED single flash and LED double flash. The individual functions are selected with two dip switches.

Continous Light Module

An independent LED continuous light module, also available in six colours, enables the best possible price for standard applications with continuous light function.

8-Tone Piezo Sound Module

With the piezo sound module, one of eight different tones can be selected with a dip switch. The maximum sound pressure reaches a high 95 dB (A) at a distance of one metre and can be continuously reduced using a potentiometer. The sound module of the CT5 is always mounted as a top module at the top of the signal tower.

modules of CT5modules of CT5

Just 23 order numbers

M12 Base

The CT5 only needs 23 order numbers in total. It couldn’t be easier. Alongside the modern and efficient M12 connection technology, the CT5 offers all common mounting types.

The independent five-pin M12 base of the CT5 makes highly cost-effective use of the M12 connection technology. When using the M12 base, a maximum of four modules is possible. The bases of the CT5 have a push-in terminal and are suitable for all common mounting types such as: vertical mounting, tube mounting, external tube mounting, vertical tube mounting, tube mounting with lateral cable insertion, free external cable insertion, vertical mounting of the M12 base and direct conduit mounting with a NPT ½” thread.

modern M12 base of CT5

All the
Mounting Options
you need.

Cost-optimised plastic tube base

The tube base with a new, one-piece 100-mm-long plastic tube with an integrated plastic foot is the cost-effective standard tube assembly of the CT5. The tube lengths 250 and 400 mm are available with an aluminium tube and plastic foot, as with other signal towers.

Two new mounting brackets

In addition, the CT5 offers two new metal angles. On the one hand, this makes it possible to insert an external cable coming from any direction and, on the other hand, to mount the CT5-M12 base vertically.


100-mm-long tube base with integrated foot

CT5KR1 tube base with integrated foot


Metal bracket for vertical mounting of the M12 base (CT5MC5)

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WM22 Metal bracket for vertical mounting of the M12 base


Metal bracket for external cable insertion from any direction

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CT5BR Metal bracket for external cable insertion from any direction

A new bayonet system

The CT5’s optimised bayonet system ensures maximum stability thanks to innovative return springs – and is extremely stable even without sealing rings.

The new, intelligent bayonet system, which is being used for the first time in the CT5, has three back-pressure springs. They ensure minimal tolerance and high stability. This allows the CT5 to be used, for example, in cold stores or at temperatures as low as –40° Celsius without sealing rings, which makes the CT5 even more attractive in terms of function. Even in volume projects with indoor applications, this can further support the high competitiveness of the CT5 in terms of price.

new bayonet system with 3 back-pressure springs