Nothing but perfect
6 times brighter
than the competition
The tallest Signal Tower
The perfect LED modules
The even brighter top module
The perfect tone modules
M12 Plug & play
Up to

6 times brighter
than the competition

And up to 13 times brighter than the previous modell Modul-Signal 70

Diagram PC7 Light Comparison

Outstanding brightness. With up to 6 times the brightness, the PC7 leaves competitors' signal towers in the shade and guarantees the best possible signalling effect – even when faced with the challenge of very bright conditions.

The tallest
Signal Tower

With 7 positions, the PC7 is one of the most versatile signal towers around

PC7 in different variations

The unique, patented contacting enables up to 7 positions thanks to 8 inner contacts. As a result, the PC7 is not only the tallest signal tower, but also the one that offers the most combination options. This makes it future-proof and equipped for any application.

The perfect
LED modules

Multi colour module

7 colours - 1 module

7 colours can be switched externally in the LED multi colour module: (red, yellow, green, blue, clear, magenta and turquoise). Thanks to binary switching, 4 extra modules can be used in addition to a multi colour module.

animated multi-color-module
The perfect
LED modules

Rotating light module


The PC7 is our first signal tower to offer an LED rotating light module. This rotating light module can be operated with 2 rotation speeds – 90 and 180 rpm – via a DIP switch.

animated rotating-light-module
The perfect
LED modules

Multifunction module


A true all-rounder – the new PC7 multi function module can provide steady light, flashing light, strobe light and double strobe light functions. The different functions can be user-defined in each module via a DIP switch.

animated multi-function-module
The perfect
LED modules

Steady light beacon module


The PC7 LED steady light beacon module is the ideal choice when it comes to standard applications. But when we say "standard", we mean functions that other suppliers only offer on expensive high-performance modules.

animated steady-light-module

The top of
the tower

The even brighter top module

Visual-audible signalling device | Top module

The top module is even brighter than the standard light modules and has an expanded, hemispherical signalling effect. This means that the top module allows the PC7 to be used in a wider range of applications.

If the new top module is combined with an inline tone module and a base, the PC7 becomes a high-performance visual-audible signalling device that offers a multitude of signalling options.


One module, two appearances

PC7 comparison with and without diffusor

The diffusor films can be effortlessly placed in each individual module, even at a later point.

Without altering the signalling effect too greatly, you can choose between a clear or a diffuse signal tower appearance with our new diffusor films. This allows the PC7 to provide a single tower with two appearances – to suit whatever your preferences are.

The perfect tone modules

PC7 audible modules

Multi-tone module

The new inline tone module of the PC7 can be placed in any position within the tower. DIP switches can be used to select one of eight tones with an adjustable volume of up to 105 dB.

Multi-tone alarm sounder module

By using a sound capsule, the multi-tone alarm sounder module offers significantly better tone quality than the multi-tone module. 7 different signal tones can be activated externally from a range of 80 via 3 inputs.

MP3/voice output module

The MP3/voice output module allows you to select and play up to 7 different voice messages or melodies. The MP3/voice output module can be easily programmed and customised by the customer via a USB interface beforehand.

M12 – Plug & play

The new, cost-effective M12 connector base

M12 connector base of PC7

This M12 connector base is the perfect solution for applications where quick, easy and cost-effective installation of the signal tower is a key priority.