Serie R - the LED Design Powerhouse

We present our new modular LED beacon series R. The series R is the brightest LED beacon in its category. Its beacons are available in two lens designs and performance classes and can be combined with an optional audible base*.

The series R is available as steady light model, multifunctional model and multicolour model. Both lens designs (high & low lens) can be combined with the three available bases. The series R stands for maximum modularity and functionality.

"With our new series R we have succeeded in creating a new standard in signalling technology in terms of brightness, design and functionality", comments Auer Signal Managing Director Christian Auer.

*Audible base currently not available.

Series R replaces series M

The new series R covers all series M functions in one size and even offers more functionality and compatibility. All functions of the M series are covered by the R series and extended with further features. The series M is expected to be available until the end of 2020 and will then be completely replaced by R series beacons.

The new series R is way more energy efficient than the series M. The CO2-consumption of R series beacons is reduced by up to 70% with significantly better luminosity.

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The new Series R

Series R