Nuovo prodotto XMU

We are pleased to herewith inform you that an additional base XMU is available for our Eco-Module 70 signal tower.

The new XMU base allows the enduser to mount this base on individually and/or locally existing Ø 25mm poles, irrespective of any length requirements.

As long as the few mounting requirements described in the instruction manual are adhered to, the XMU base is easy and straightforward to mount. The base can be reliably fixed with internal fixing screws.

When mounted upright, the XMU base features an IP54 / UL Type12 rating. In addition, the XMU base can also be mounted horizontally if required due to its specific design.

Product highlights:

  • base for external tube mounting of Eco-Modul 70 modular signal towers
  • fits on Ø 25mm external tubes
  • reliable fixation with internal fixing screws
  • high-level protection for upright mounting: IP54 / UL type 12
  • with suspended / top-down mounting: IP52 / UL type 1
  • base can also be mounted horizontally

Click here for additional information such as mounting instructions and technical data.

New base XMU