The LED Design

Power & Beauty

The new R series from Auer Signal is not only the brightest LED light in its category, it also boasts an unbelievable range of functions and its simple series concept.

The R series has a diameter of 110 mm and, in the high-lens version, is designed for maximum lateral signal effect. The R series is available in six colours with several functions and two performance classes.

The lens of the compact version of the R series is milky-white and provides a beautiful, homogeneous lighting pattern. If you are looking for a beacon for indoor use with an impressive, beautiful product design and functional diversity, the compact version of the R series is the right choice.

Made to perform

The brightest led-single beacon in the market

The high energy efficiency of the LED technology allows us to take a new path and offer the R series in just one size but in two performance classes.

6 x 6 LEDS

Standard Performance

12 x 6 LEDS

High Performance

All values are circumferentially averaged, lateral measurements of brightness using the steady-light function. The beacons had reached temperature stability before they were measured. The comparison is based on the colour red.

One Beacon all Functions

Steady-light model
The best choice for standard applications
Multi-functional model
Functions (depending on model): steady light, strobe light, flashing light, rotating light, pulsating light
Standard Performance
High Performance
Multi-colour model
7 colours: Red, yellow, green, blue, clear, magenta and turquoise

The Design Beacon

As we feel that high standards are not only necessary in technical matters, we have also developed our own design language for our products.

The coloured lenses of our products protrude from the base and are no longer screwed over the base. This way, we avoid unsightly edges and coloured rings over the mostly black base.

The Sound of Brightness

The audible base is based on the transducer technology of the ASS-T multi-tone sounder, one of the most popular and effective sounders in our range. The audible base is currently not available.
up to 103 dB
32 tones

Flexibility through
Mounting Options

Metal bracket

The metal bracket designed for the R series is compatible with all bases. With a three-hole pattern, the brackets allow easy and stable mounting. The bracket can be mounted facing upwards or downwards.

Metal bracket for audible base

There is a separate metal bracket for the audible base, which is slightly larger. With a three-hole pattern, the brackets allow easy and stable mounting. The bracket can be mounted facing upwards or downwards.

Designer bracket

The designer bracket is what makes the design language fully effective. You can use this bracket with both lens shapes.

Base mounting

All bases are easy to mount horizontally. To prevent accidental opening, all bases are equipped with an anti-rotation device. The standard base is much lower than the universal base.

Universal base with tube mounting

With the universal base, R beacons can also be mounted on Ø 25mm tubes.
Metal bracket
Metal bracket for audible base
Designer bracket
Base mounting
Tube mounting

Smart Engineering

Easier cabling thanks to terminal holder

For simpler cabling of the R series, our technicians have equipped the base of the R series with a terminal holder. Here the terminal can be connected before wiring, leaving both hands free for wiring.

Flat gasket to protect your machine

In order that you can also mount the R series on switch cabinets or machines without water getting into the interior during installation, there is a special flat gasket for mounting on smooth surfaces.