The right signalling equipment for every application

Auer Signal‘s signalling equipment can be used in many different ways. They all comply with current standards and can therefore be used worldwide in a wide variety of industrial applications. This is why our signal beacons, signal transmitters and signal towers are not limited to specific sectors or industries. Nevertheless, certain signalling euqipment is more suitable than others for certain industries, due to their dome shape, sound pressure level, housing material or technical specifications. Certain signal equipment, such as the P series’ signal beacons, have been developed in joint development projects with our customers for very special areas of application, which is why they are particularly suitable for a particular industry.

In the following industries the typical application areas of signalling technologies and the products that are particularly suitable for these applications are described. However, this does not mean that the mentioned signalling equipment is exclusively suitable for one industry or application. If you have any questions about the products or applications, or if you are looking for signalling equipment for a special field of application or with special requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.