Explosion proof sounders

Our explosion proof sounder has been designed for providing safe working to you and to your workers. It is certified for operating in gas and dust explosive areas, matching ex-zones 1, 2, 21 and 22. There are 32 signal tones to choose from with a volume up to 115 dB. It is certified IP66 and  meets flame-proof enclosure standard "d".


Safe signaling with explosion proof sounders

Many industries around the world produce, process and transport highly flammable materials. These include, for example, the chemical industry, refineries or ship and aircraft construction.
According to the applicable European ATEX regulations, abbreviated "ATmosphères EXplosives", it is necessary in these industries to use suitable signal products that can warn in critical situations. In case of emergency, these explosion proof devices can prevent intrusive damage in case of an explosion.

Features of the dMS explosion proof multi-tone alarm sounder

The explosion proof sounders from Auer Signal in functional and elegant design with black sound insulation hood convince with their technical features:

  • The multi-tone alarm sounder reaches a sound level of up to 115 dB and can reproduce 32 tones. Two tones can be controlled externally.
  • The explosion proof sounder is certified for zones 1, 2, 21 and 22. This includes those areas that are exposed to the danger of gas and dust explosions.
  • The housing made of copper-free, seawater-resistant aluminium ensures perfect operation even in the presence of seawater.

Made in Austria, available worldwide

ATEX products from Auer Signal are highly valued worldwide for their high reliability and durability. They are manufactured in Vienna, Austria and sold worldwide through our distribution network. Contact a distributor near you to learn more about our equipment.

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