Being a medium-sized Austrian family business in an international environment, we not only pay attention to high quality standards, but also place equally high demands on our processes and the way we deal with our corporate environment.

On this page you will find the certifications of our products, systems as well as our self-declarations.

Our system certifications

In 1999, with the first ISO-9001 certification, an important milestone was set for the entire company organization. Since then, we have been conducting regular audits of our organization and all our processes, which are carried out by external, accredited institutions. In addition to the ISO-9001 certification, you will find among the system certifications our current ATEX certificate (Directive 2014/34/EU) as well as the certificate of the Client Test Data Program.

We are particularly proud to align our organization and processes with the latest standards and requirements for more than 20 years.

Our product certifications

Made in Austria is our number one priority as an Austrian family-owned company: In our products we combine engineering at the highest level, durable quality and outstanding designs. We develop and produce our signaling devices at our headquarters in Vienna, Austria. With the product certifications we confirm the conformity of our products according to certain requirements and standards. Signaling devices from Auer Signal are certified according to international standards and norms and are available worldwide.

You will find EU type examination certificates, UL certificates as well as CE declarations of conformity on the individual product pages.

Our self-declarations

Self-declarations are part of the CE declarations of conformity. With these declarations, we as a manufacturer declare that we do not use any reportable substances or chemicals for our products nor that we purchase them. We therefore already pay very close attention to the substances and sustainability of the components when selecting our suppliers.

As a green family business, it is of great concern to us that along our supply chain, environmental aspects are taken into account by our suppliers just as they are by our own organization.

Our sustainability certifications

We have been committed to conducting business sustainably for more than 100 years. In 2022, our commitment reached a new level with the implementation of an environmental management system aimed at achieving ISO 14001 certification. In 2024 Auer Signal was certified under ISO 14001 for the first time.

We are proud of every single contribution we can make as a company to make a lasting impact on the environment.

ISO certification logo

Quality Management at Auer Signal

From the initial quality control, which mainly took the end of the production process into account, the quality assurance evolved. This ensured quality checks already in the running production process and allowed an early correction in case of divergence from the quality requirements. This formed the basis of today's quality management, which is not only limited to the production process but includes the entire company.

"Auer Signal recognized at an early stage that efficient quality management reduces errors and costs, increases customer satisfaction and thus ensures the company's long-term economic success."

Jürgen Hinterleitner, Quality System Manager at Auer Signal
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