Explosion proof sounders

We offer different types of explosion proof sirens for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Our audible explosion-proof sounders produce a sound with a volume of up to 115 dB. Protection certification ranges up to IP66. All of our explosion-proof products meet the high-quality ATEX standard.

Explosion proof sounders for your safety in hazardous areas

An explosion proof alarm is indispensable in many industries, such as the oil and gas industry, during processing, transportation or storage of flammable gases, liquids, or dust. In these fields of application, large quantities of explosive substances are present.

For cases where signaling with a beacon is not necessary or appropriate, companies rely on Auer Signal’s explosion proof sounders. The explosion proof horns and sirens are built to operate in extreme conditions and provide a loud, audible warning signal in potentially explosive areas. By investing in high-quality explosion proof sounders, companies can ensure the safety of their employees and equipment while also complying with safety regulations and avoiding costly accidents.

Explosion proof alarms for Ex Zones

Auer Signal’s explosion proof sounders comply with the ATEX directives and operate safely in potentially explosive atmospheres. Our portfolio includes explosion proof sirens and explosion proof horns. These devices are certified for gas and dust explosion hazardous areas in Ex zones 1, 2, 21 and 22. Our range of explosion proof alarms can be utilized for various application and operate on nominal voltages of: 24V DC, 115V AC, 230V AC, 240V AC or up to 265V AC. The volume of our explosion proof sounders ranges between 105 dB to 115 dB.

Our different models and types are suitable for various applications and requirements. Our explosion proof multi-tone alarm sounder dMS offers 32 signal tones and the volume can be adjusted.

Auer Signal: Ensuring safety worldwide

Since 1910, Auer Signal has been manufacturing high-quality products in Vienna, Austria. As a global specialist in the field of ATEX, our products comply with the highest standards and are designed for international use. Our explosion proof sounders are made of high-quality materials such as glass-fibre-reinforced plastic and copper-free seawater-resistant aluminium to provide durability and longevity even in harsh environments. Contact us if you would like to learn more about our explosion proof sounders.

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