Technical information

Signaling equipment generates light and/or sound-based signals, attracting attention as a result. The signal beacons, sirens, horns and buzzers that it uses highlight sources of danger and risk, ensuring that both people and machines stay protected.
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Visual Signaling Equipment

The efficient use of a signal light is determined by various aspects. Depending on the requirements of the device and the area of application, attention to the following topics can be helpful. 

Audible Signaling Equipment

Acoustic signaling equipment includes electronic sounders such as multi-tone sirens and piezo buzzers, as well as electromechanical sounders such as horns and bells. Generally speaking, what differentiates one piece of acoustic signaling equipment from another is its volume, tone and frequency.


Explosion-proof signaling equipment, also known as Ex signaling equipment or ATEX equipment, provides protection against ignition or explosion in the event that a piece of signaling equipment misfires. It is used in industrial atmospheres that are highly flammable, combustible or at risk of explosion. 

Product standards and markings

Product markings provide information about norms and standards that a device meets. Signaling devices from Auer Signal meet the highest product standards and are marked with the appropriate markings. 

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