Flashing beacons

Flashing beacons are used in the most different ways in order to quickly alert and warn. Our flashing beacon lights are designed for very good signalling effect even under bright conditions and they are suitable for surface mounting or for using as panel indicator lights. They can be used on fences, placed in industrial plants or serve in logistic-centers just to name a few typical industry applications. But one thing is for sure: with flashing beacons from Auer Signal, you can rely on sustainable quality. Our beacons with flashing light are made with the best material such as polycarbonate and the blinking frequency ranges form 1 to 4 Hertz.


Flashing beacons: Clear warning effect

Flashing beacons warn by flashing at regular intervals. The flashing is produced by periodically switching the light on and off. The light stimulus of a flashing beacon is perceived better than a permanent steady light. Flashing beacon lights are therefore used when good perception is required, however there is no acute danger compared to strobe beacons. The flashing frequency of our flashing beacon lights is between one and four Hertz.

Flashing beacons with LED technology.

Modern and innovative LED solutions are built into flashing beacons from Auer Signal. Our flashing LED beacons provide a particularly good signal effect with up to 72 LEDs. Sophisticated lens designs in combination with powerful LEDs make our products unmistakable. Since 1910 Auer Signal stands for engineering ingenuity made in Austria.

One beacon, different functions

The beacon flashing light function can be found on some of our models in combination with steady lights as well as other light functions on our multifunctional models. This offers maximum flexibility. By switching to a different light function, you can react quickly and easily to changing circumstances. The lighting modes can be controlled externally or set via DIP switch. In the event of an increased demand for attention, for example, a steady beacon can switch to the operating mode of a flashing beacon light. The constant flashing increases the signaling effect and thus warns better in an emergency than a steady light.

Q Series luminaires in the cubic design with the steady/flashing light function can be additionally expanded with an A Series sounder. Further visual-audible solutions can be implemented with Series R beacons in combination with the RBA audible base.

Different mounting types for flashing beacons

Auer Signal flashing beacons can not only be used in a wide variety of industries and applications, their types of mounting are also diverse. Our flashing beacons are suitable for pole mounting, direct mounting on a ceiling or angle mounting, among others. In addition to surface mounted lights, flashing beacons are also available as panel indicator lights.

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