Audible-visual alarms

At Auer Signal, if you need both visible and acoustic signals, you don't need to buy two separate products. We have designed special devices which combine both requirements: our audible-visual alarms. Their volume ranges up to 120 dB and they provide very strong light signal for perfect warning signals. The IP-protection of our audio and visual alarms goes up to IP66.

The Sound of Brightness

R Series combination with audible base

The flexible series concept of our R Series makes it quick and easy to replace or change bases. All R Series beacons can be combined with the RBA audible base in the blink of an eye.

Serie A+Q - the Mighty and the Bright

High-power combination

Series A+Q - the Mighty and the Bright

The loudest multi-tone alarm sounder combined with the latest LED beacon technology. Perfect for industrial applications, in process technology and for use in the navy.

Clever combinations save money

Save money with a comparable output

Clever combinations save money

Thanks to a wide range of intelligent beacon and siren/buzzer combinations, you can save up to 40%.

The all-rounder

Series K: the well-designed, robust all-rounder

Well-designed and robust combination of an electromechanical signal horn with signal beacon or strobe beacon and an attractive price-performance ratio.

Series K: the well-designed, robust all-rounder
The ultimate M22 signalling equipment series

The ultimate M22 signalling equipment series

A complete product range in 3 sizes

The most extensive M22 panel mount signalling equipment series. Available in three sizes with the loudest panel mount buzzer available on the market.

The best of both worlds
in one product:
Visual-audible signaling devices

Combine the power of two signaling devices for more control and safety: With the combined visual-audible signaling devices from Auer Signal you get the light signal of a strobe-, flashing- or continuous warning lights with a multitone siren, sounder or buzzer in one device.

Our visual-audible signals are the result of many years of research and development. The products are manufactured using state-of-the-art production processes and are perfectly synchronized to reproduce a coordinated light and sound signal.

Combined visual-audible signaling devices from Auer Signal are highly valued for their high quality and reliability and are used worldwide in various industries such as mechanical engineering, production automation, automotive plants, warehouses as well as in cabinets and electronic control panels.

The right product for every application

Our products achieve a volume of 80 dB to 120 dB. In combination with an LED or xenon light, an output of up to 450 candela can be achieved. The design of our products ranges from 45 mm (round) to 184 mm (square).

Depending on the size and characteristics of the various models, the light is either integrated on the front of the sounder or recessed in the upper part of the housing. These two types of models can also be mounted vertically or horizontally.

A wide variety of visual-audible combination possibilities

With an visual-audible combination, you only need one signaling device and therefore do not need to attach and mount two separate devices. In our product range you will find the following types of visual-audible signaling devices:

Also, our signal towers can be extended with sound modules to create an visual-audible variant. Select the appropriate light and sound modules for your application from a compact or modular signal towers. You can customize our tower lights with the configurator.

Auer Signal stands for quality in visual and audible alarms

Since 1910 Auer Signal has been developing and manufacturing in Vienna, Austria. Our signaling devices are used worldwide and are particularly popular due to their high quality and durability. Please contact one of our sales partners in your area to learn more about our products or to place your order.

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