Devices for audible signals

Auer Signal offers a wide range of devices for audible signals. They are used for various kinds of industries, delivering safety and quality since 1910. Here you can find our audible signal devices for panel or surface mount, with a volume ranging from 65 dB to 120 dB for the loudest ones. We produce electronic sirens, alarm horns as well as piezo buzzers in various sizes, shapes and colours with degree of protection up to IP66.

The loudest multi-tone siren

The loudest multi-tone alarm sounder

ASL - The Mighty

The sounder with sound pressure of 120 dB.
The loudest siren currently available in our portfolio.

Small, loud & universal

KLH & KDH - the little Loud

Well-designed and robust electromechanical signal horns with the distinctive, classic horn tone with an attractive price-performance ratio.

KLH & KDH - the little Loud
The loudest panel mount buzzer

The loudest panel mount buzzer

M22 - the loudest Installable

The loudest M22 panel mount buzzer currently available - with the latest piezo technology and available in three sizes.

Audible signals: Signaling devices
for a range of industries

The areas of application of audible signal devices are highly versatile. Multi-tone alarm sounders, piezo buzzers and alarm horns are used in a variety of industries. Application examples can be found in mechanical engineering, automation, special vehicles and cranes. Especially when there is no permanent visual contact between workers and the signaling device, audible signals are used. They are generally used to signal faults or dangerous situations acoustically. The signal is given by one tone, several tones or a certain tone sequence.

Powerful audible signal devices for a better signalization

Auer Signal offers state-of-the-art signaling devices, which are developed and manufactured in Vienna. In our wide range of audible signal devices, you can find models for all applications. This gives you the ability to choose the right model for your needs from our powerful, robust and durable sirens. Our top models achieve a sound pressure of up to 127 dB, are impact resistant (IK09) and suitable for use in extreme conditions (IP66).

Our audible signaling devices are divided into the following three categories:

The volume of Auer Signal’s audible signaling devices ranges between 60 dB and 120 dB. The efficiency of an audible signal device is influenced by several factors and must be assessed individually depending on the field of application. These factors include:

  • Sound pressure level in decibels (dB)
  • Sound frequency in Hertz (Hz)
  • Distance between sirens and receiver
  • Environmental volume
  • Environmental influences such as humidity, wind direction or weather conditions

Especially in the industrial sector, the effectiveness of an audible signal is strongly influenced by loud ambient noise generated by machines. For audible signal devices, Auer Signal recommends a sound pressure level at least 15 dB higher than the ambient level. The frequency at which the signal is at its loudest should be as far away as possible from the frequency of the ambient noise. The recommended sound frequency should be between 300 and 3000 Hz.
The specified sound pressure level of our audible signaling devices was measured in an echo-free sound chamber at a distance of 1 meter.

Audible signals from Auer Signal are available worldwide

Auer Signal signaling devices are manufactured in the south of Vienna, Austria. If you need more information or want to place an order, please contact our Customer Service. Our team and our global partners will be glad to help you.

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