Tower lights / Tower stack lights

We offer two different types of tower lights: compact or modular tower lights. Choose the modular tower light when you want to be as flexible as possible and the compact tower lights when want a ready-to-use pre-assembled product. Both types can exactly suit the needs of your company. Our tower lights are available with diameters ranging from 30mm up to 70mm. Configure your individual tower lights of Modul-Perfect, Modul-Compete, Eco-Modul, Half-Dome, Modul-Compact or Modul-Signal or choose from pre-assembled signal towers instead.

Overview signal towers


40 mm Ø50 mmØ60 mm Ø70 mm Ø


Our signal tower flagship PC7 meets the highest demands. The PC7 is the right choice when a future-proof, high-performance Signal Tower with many flexible options is needed.


The cost-optimised CT5 has the same central contacting as the PC7, but was developed exclusively for 24V DC operation. For standard applications where high quality and an attractive price are required, the CT5 is the right choice.


The standard signal tower series Eco-Modul is still equipped with classic contacting with metal pins, but also offers a complete product range in LED and incandescent lamp technology in three sizes.


30 mm ØSemi-circular Design,
90 mm Ø


The ready-to-use LED signal tower is offered pre-configured or built to customer specifications and is available in the size Ø 30 mm. Perfect for large quantities. Very attractive price-performance ratio.

Half Dome

Visual-audible LED signal tower in a semi-circular design for wall mounting. Optimal signalling due to 180 degree beam angle.

An engineering masterpiece

An engineering masterpiece

Our modular signal towers are produced with unrivalled precision; the signal modules boast the lowest tolerance levels. Developed and built for many years of problem-free use in the industry.

All sizes available

All sizes available

Signal towers in all sizes

We produce signal towers for every application and in every common size: Ø 30 mm, Ø 40 mm, Ø 50 mm, Ø 60 mm and Ø 70 mm.

Design and flexibility

Design and flexibility

Half-Dome - The Design Tower

Visual-audible LED design signal tower in a semi-circular design for wall mounting. Provides consistently optimal signalling due to 180 degree beam angle. Flexibility thanks to freely selectable colour combinations.

The smallest modular signal tower

The smallest modular signal tower

Globally unique: Eco-Modul 40

With a diameter of 40 mm, our Eco-Modul 40 series is the smallest modular signal tower series available anywhere in the world. It is the only member of the Eco-Modul series to be equipped with an LED multi strobe or multi colour strobe.

For large quantities

For large quantities

Modul-Compact - The Readymade

The pre-assembled, pre-wired and ready-to-use LED signal tower is manufactured according to customer requirements. Ideal if large quantities are required with a very attractive price-performance ratio.

A diverse array of mounting types

A diverse array of mounting types

Every mounting type is possible

We have the right mounting solution, regardless of where the signal tower is to be mounted. Our quick mounting system saves electrical installation work and makes mounting extremely easy.

Tower lights: versatile.

Tower lights are indispensable in mechanical engineering and plant construction. But tower lights can also be found in many other areas such as logistics facilities and building services engineering. We pay particular attention to quality, performance, flexibility and reliability in the design and production of tower lights. Tower lights from Auer Signal are therefore characterised by the highest quality and particularly high luminosity.

Full flexibility with high performance.

As all our products, Auer Signal tower lights are developed and produced directly in our factory in Austria. The latest models are not only particularly flexible, but also future-proof due to the patented internal contact. In our product portfolio we provide tower lights with a diameter of 30mm to 70mm. With our products, the Modul-Perfect 70, Modul-Compete 50, Eco-Module 40, Eco-Module 60 and Eco-Module 70, we offer a comprehensive range of modular tower lights. For high performance and flexible options, we recommend the Modul-Perfect 70. For standard applications where high quality and an attractive price are required, the Modul-Compete 50 is the right choice. Our Eco-Module series offers a standard program in three different sizes.

Two different model types.

Auer Signal offers two different types of tower lights:

  • The modular series
  • The compact series

The modular series can not only be put together individually, you can also add or replace individual modules yourself at any time.

If you wish to receive the signal tower pre-assembled, choose one of our compact models. The Modul-Compact 30 and the design model: the half domes can be directly connected, wired and used. Although compact models can also be configured individually, they cannot be changed afterwards.

Individual tower lights for self-configuration.

Our configurators allow you to configure your tower light to meet your individual requirements and needs. Alternatively, you can choose from the most common configurations. If you choose one of the pre-assembled versions, we can make you a particularly inexpensive offer starting with one ordered unit. Our tower lights are certified according to current industry standards and can therefore be used worldwide.

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