Continous and flashing LED lights

The choice is yours. With our continuous and flashing LED beacon lights you can display various statuses. For example using a steady light for indicating a clear constant focus for your workers. Or use flashing light for alert or warning in case of an emergency. Our signal lights are available with high degree of protection up to IP67. You can rely on best technology, made in Austria since 1910.


Continuous and flashing LED beacon light: Working Safely

Increase the safety of your work processes with continuous and flashing LED beacon lights. Permanent lighting of a continuous beacon light can indicate the status of a machine or implement without attracting additional attention. If there is an increased need for attention, a continuous beacon light can switch to the operating mode of a flashing beacon. In emergencies, the constant flashing of the light increases the signal effect.

Different light sources: LED and incandescent bulb.

We offer our continuous and flashing beacon lights in two different light sources:

  1. LED continuous and flashing LED beacon lights
    You will find in our continous and flashing beacon lights modern LED technology, which impresses with long life and strong luminosity. With our LED continuous and flashing beacon lights, the two light modes can be externally controlled. Models of the Series Q additionally offer the possibility of combination with electronic sirenes of the A series. Beacons of the Series T+U can be optionally expanded with the acoustic module TDE. If you need continous and flashing LED beacon lights as panel mount devices, you will find them in our Series M22 as well as in our models TDCP and UDCP.
  2. incandescent bulb continuous beacon lights
    Panel mount continous beacon lights with a incandescent bulb as light sourceare also available from Auer Signal. Incandescent bulbs are used particularly where simple maintenance is required. Due to the sensitivity to vibrations, the maintenance intensity of incandescent bulbs is higher than that of comparable LED light models. Continuous beacon lights with incandescent bulbs are often preferred when the purchase costs are of primary importance and power consumption and maintenance intensity are of secondary importance.

Continuous and flashing beacon lights in various colours.

Our continuous and flashing beacon lights are available in six different colours:

  • Orange
  • Red
  • White
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow

Depending on the shape of the model, a high signal effect is given both frontally and laterally.

You can change your settings and withdraw your consent at any time. The lawfulness of the processing carried out on the basis of the consent up to the revocation is not affected by this.