Flashing beacons

Flashing beacons are used in the most different ways in order to quickly alert and warn. Our flashing beacons are designed for very good signalling effect even under bright conditions. They can be put on fences, placed in industrial plants or serve in logistic-centers just to name a few typical applications. But one is for sure: with flashing beacons from Auer Signal, you can rely on sustainable quality. Our beacons are made with the best material such as polycarbonate and can be mounted in all kinds of ways.



Flashing beacons: Clear warning effect

Flashing beacons produce a fast and clear warning effect. The beacon is switched on and off periodically to attract attention. The light stimulus of a flashing beacon attracts more attention than a continous beacon light. Flashing beacons are therefore used when a the perception of danger is required, but the warning effect is not quite as extreme as with a strobe light. The flash frequency of our flashing beacons is one to two Hertz.

Flashing beacons with halogen lamps and LED technology.

Auer signal flashing beacons are available in the following two versions:

  1. LED flashing beacons
    With 48 LEDs, our LED models provide an outstanding signal effect. The flashing frequency of these models is two Hertz. The calottes are made of polycarbonate and are ribbed inside. Flashing beacons with LED technology are available in orange, red, blue and yellow dome colours. Easy mounting due to the banjonet catch with push button. The BLG flashing beacon is particularly popular in plant construction and electrical wholesale.
  2. Halogen flashing beacons
    Halogen flashing beacons from Auer Signal are available in three different sizes: 90 mm (MBS), 120 mm (MBM) and 160 mm (MBL). The special Fresnel ribbing ensures a particularly good signal effect. The flashing frequency is one Hertz. Our domes for halogen flashing beacons are available in the colours orange, red, clear, blue, green and yellow.

Different mounting types for flashing beacons.

The flashing beacons can be used in various industries and applications, as well as there are various mounting types. In addition to horizontal and vertical mounting, you can also mount our flashing beaconss with a pole or magnetic mounting. However, also other types of mounting can be realized with a flashing beacon from Auer Signal.