Multifunction beacons

Auer Signal multifunctional beacons with LED technology offer you a variety of operating modes. Depending on the model, different functions can be displayed with one beacon: steady light, flashing light, strobe light, rotating light and pulsating light. Our multifunction lights are available as surface mounted lights as well as panel indicator lights and meet the protection standard up to IP66. They are manufactured with the highest precision in Austria.



Multifunctional beacons: the all-rounders among the light beacons

Multifunctional beacons offer the advantage that several functions can be covered by a single beacon. They offer maximum flexibility for the user. When conditions change, the light function of the multifunction beacon can be changed quickly and easily. This eliminates the need to purchase an additional signaling device.

Auer Signal led multifunction lights can provide the following functions:

  • Steady light
  • Flashing light
  • Strobe lights with different strobe patterns
  • Rotating light
  • Pulsating light

Depending on the model, this results in up to 15 different operating modes per beacon. Learn more about the individual beacon functions.

Multifunctional beacons of the series R

The new series R is available as a multifunctional beacon in a standard and high performance variant. The standard variant is available in a high and compact lens design. The high performance variant is available in the high lens design. Depending on the model, the number of LEDs installed inside varies. Both multifunction lights can display 15 modes. The functions pulsating light, dimmable light and rotating light can be found especially in the multifunction lights with high dome.

The compact version of the series R (RCDM) can display four different flashing beacon light functions in addition to steady light and strobe light.

Multifunctional beacons with steady/flashing light

The cubic multifunctional beacons of the series Q are available in four sizes and can display steady beacon light and flashing beacon light functions. In combination with a signal transmitter of the series A, the signaling beacon can be extended with an audible signal.

In addition to the surface mounted lights, you will also find multifunctional lights among our panel indicator lights. Our M22 panel indicator lights can also display the steady and flashing light functions.

Quality and innovation from Auer Signal

Auer Signal has been dedicated to the manufacturing and production of qualitative and innovative devices since 1910. Our signaling devices are developed and produced in Vienna, Austria. Auer Signal products are available worldwide thanks to our international distribution network.

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