PC7TD Top Multi-tone siren module

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PC7TD Top Multi-tone siren module

  • Electronic sounder module with transducer technology for Modul Perfect 70 modular signal tower
  • For mounting at the top of a signal tower
  • 16 tone groups, each comprising 7 signal tones = total of 112 tones
  • 16 tone groups can be selected via DIP switch
  • Binary, external switching of all 7 tones in a tone group via 3 inputs
  • The wide variety of tones meet virtually all acoustic signalling requirements
  • Max. 105 dB volume, can be controlled with potentiometer
  • High degree of protection IP66/IP67, UL type 4/4X/13

Technical data

Volume100 dB
Duty cycle100 %
Operating temperature-30 °C / +70 °C
Degree of protectionIP66, IP67 & UL Type 4/4x/13
Impact resistanceIK08
Weight166 g