Light beacons

Auer Signal produces high quality lights beacons for the industry. Choose among our wide range of LED beacon lights such as beacon strobe lights, flashing beacons, steady beacons or rotating beacon lights. We offer products with various mouting options such as surface mounted lights or panel indicator lights with a degree of protection from IP40 up to IP69. Our signal beacons are available in various sizes and colours and meet highest standards for quality and sustainability.

Multifunction beacon Ultra Performance red

Worldwide the most powerful industrial LED signal beacon

R Series Ultra Performance

The multifunctional beacon RDMUP is the world’s brightest industrial LED signal beacon, boasting a maximum luminosity of 450 candela. It excels in reliably signaling under challenging environmental conditions or direct bright sunlight.

Switch modes, change colors

RCMM unites Multicolor & Multifunction

The compact version of our successful R Series offers a maximum of flexibility. The RCMM multicolor beacon with multifunctional upgrade can now display different colors as well as various lightning patterns.

RCMM lightning patterns
indicators with a two-color indication

Built-in indicators for near field signaling

M22 Series – the Installable

The M22 panel mount indicators with M22 installation dimensions impress with a variety of functions. Our portfolio includes steady, flashing, multifunctional or multicolor indicators with a two-color indication.

Sizes suited for every application

Q Series - the Bright

The beacon series Q is available in three different sizes: 94 mm, 132 mm and 184 mm. It is designed for frontal and lateral signaling under extreme conditions (IK09).

signaling beacons in three sizes

Light beacons
for effective signaling

Our signal beacons are used in a variety of applications. Through extensive development, extensive product and long-term tests, we can ensure safe and long-lasting operation even under harsh environmental conditions. This means that you will find a wide range of light beacons in our product portfolio, which is offered with different degrees of protection and functions. Our LED beacons are available both as panel indicator lights and surface mounted lights.

Individuality down to the last detail

The fulfilment of the customer request demonstrates that everything is possible. With Auer Signal’s standard product portfolio, we offer a variety of different light beacons for different applications of use. The beacons within a product series often differ in size, colour and voltage variants. Is there still no suitable light beacon for your application? No problem. Send us a request and we will implement it together with you. We are your partner for special requirements.

Beacon light functions

As with all signal devices, safety is the number one priority when it comes to signal lighting as well. The beacon lights of Auer Signal offer numerous functions to warn in case of danger. In our portfolio you will find the following signal light models:

Use in extreme conditions

For our LED beacon lights we only use the most modern lighting technology. Auer Signal’s dedicated development team aims to develop signal devices with optimum signal effects. Thus, not only our product range is constantly expanding, but also classic products are regularly revised. This guarantees excellent visibility even under extreme conditions such as strong sunlight. In these instances, our products of the Q Series, R Series and P Series are especially recommended.

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