Logistics facilities

signalling in logistics facilities

Process optimization in the logistics centre

Transporting, storing, handling, commissioning, sorting, packing and distributing. These are the tasks that arise in a logistics centre. Logistics facilities such as conveyor belts support these processes and ensure that they are handled faster and more efficiently. Nevertheless, errors or malfunctions might occur in the process, such as a parcel being transported on a conveyor belt. Such errors or malfunctions are ideally indicated by a light signal, a sound or a combination of both. By reporting faults, they can not only be corrected, but ideally be prevented in the future. Signal beacons and multi-tone sounders indicate malfunctions, as well as inform employees that a conveyor belt is in operation. The combination of light and sound is particularly suitable for this purpose. Multi-tone sounders are also often used in high-bay warehouses to warn employees that, for instance a high-bay stacker, is in motion. This can prevent accidents.

Reliable signaling equipment in logistics facilities

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