Automotive industry

Signalling in automotive industry

Signalling to increase efficiency

The degree of automation in the automotive industry and automotive manufacturing is higher than in many other industries. Therefore, several different machines and devices are used, such as laser marking or robot handling in assembly and testing systems. Generally, cars are manufactured in line production. The car or car parts pass through numerous stages where certain work steps are carried out by machines and/or people. Due to the large number of work steps and the machines required, numerous areas of application for signal beacons, signalling devices and signal towers exist. Machine manufacturers for the automotive industry use signalling devices, for instance, to indicate filling levels and to draw attention to the fact that something needs to be refilled. Thus, the signalling equipment ensures that the station can fulfil its task as efficiently as possible. However, in large production halls signalling equipment is not only used on machines and plants but can also be beneficial for hall safety. A multi-tone alarm sounder or a signal horn will call attention to dangerous situations.

Reliable signaling equipment in the automotive industry

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