Wood processing industry

signalling equipment for wood processing industry

Signalling equipment for extreme conditions

Auer Signal’s signalling equipment can be used under a variety of extreme conditions such as ice, rain, heat or unusual light conditions. Moreover, signalling equipment has a special application in the woodworking industry. Due to the generated dust, the signal beacons used must be absolutely leak-proof. The P series is not only characterised by its high signal effect but is also absolutely leak-proof because of the encapsulated cable insulation/entry. The P series is suitable for use in the wood-processing industry as a result of its high IP67 degree of protection, but also Auer Signal’s signal tower series PC7 and ECO, which also feature a high IP66 degree of protection. In the woodworking industry, the signal towers also have the advantage of indicating different states on the machines. In large production halls classic products such as the HPT signal horn are popular. The HPT easily drowns out loud saw noises and thus reliably warns of dangerous situations.

Reliable signaling equipment in the wood processing industry

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