Special vehicles

signalling on special vehicles

Signaling on special vehicles

Signal beacons on special vehicles are often exposed to extreme conditions such as vibrations, dirt, dust, rain, heat or the cold. Special vehicles such as drill rigs, air compressors or rock drills are often equipped with signal lamps to warn their environment about them. Visual signalling equipment on special purpose vehicles is characterised by high impact resistance, as well as by reliability, due to several tons being moved here. The signal beacons of the P series were not only developed exactly for these conditions but have already been applied successfully due to their high signal effect. The category of special vehicles also includes forklift trucks, which automatically cover transport routes in halls without a guide. These are controlled by a hall transport software and thus cover defined distances. In order to ensure that no people are endangered, the self-propelled forklift truck is equipped with clearly visible signal beacons from the M22 series.

Reliable signaling equipment on special vehicles

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