Beacons with small buzzer indicator

Our light with buzzer combination products provide high visual and audible signaling effect from a single device. The beacon is available in either LED or Xenon light and the buzzer volume ranges from 80 dB to 105 dB. Choose your buzzer & light beacon from different colors and sizes according to your application. Auer Signal has been producing high quality signaling devices in Austria since 1910.



An elegant combination of buzzer with light

Thanks to a unique design, which is the result of extensive research, Auer Signal has succeeded in combining two products into one.

But what does a combination of LED beacons and small buzzers look like? The piezo buzzer, which is often installed in switch cabinets, is mounted on the top of the lighting beacon. In this way, the buzzer takes up as little space as possible and the combination device does not take up more space than a conventional strobe light without an acoustic combination. For example, in production facilities it is therefore advisable to use a combination unit instead of a beacon. With the same space requirement, it is possible to benefit from a visual and audible signal.

Buzzer & light available in various models

Each type of industry has a specific signalling requirement, e.g. in mechanical engineering the requirements are different from those in the construction industry or for logistics platforms.

In order to be able to offer the right models for every industry, Auer Signal has developed a range of different audible visual signaling devices. The combinations of buzzer and light differ in:

  • size (from 94mm to 228mm),
  • light output intensity (from 30 Cd to 400Cd),
  • technology (LED or Xenon),
  • volume (80 to 105 dB)

Furthermore, you can select the desired light colour for each model.

Our beacon lights with buzzer are available worldwide

Warning lights combined with buzzers from Auer Signal are produced in the south of Vienna, Austria. The company exists since 1910 and distributes its products worldwide. Our customers have trusted the quality of our products for many decades. Contact us for a sales partner in your area to learn more about our signaling devices.

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