Alarm horns & warning horns

For very loud audible signals, you can really rely on products from Auer Signal. Our alarm horns or warning horns have a volume ranging from 92 dB up to 112 dB for the loudest one. Select products with degree of protection from IP22 up to IP66.


Alarm horns: Electromechanical sounders for loud audible signals

The beautifully designed electromechanical alarm horns from Auer Signal are suitable for industrial and general applications and are used in various industries such as the wood processing industry or plant engineering and construction. Besides the warning horns, you will also find mini horns in the product group of the electromechanical alarm horns.

With electromechanical signaling devices, the signal tone is generated mechanically. Our warning horns impress with their sophisticated and proven technology, especially with the typical loud horn sound. But also the extensive range of AC and DC nominal voltages speaks for the widespread use of our audible signaling devices.

Horns: Proven technology with the characteristic horn sound

Due to the magnetic force of the coil, the clapper strikes a metallic diaphragm, thereby generating frequencies of 100 to 150 Hz. This produces the characteristic low-frequency horn tone. Our mini horns produce a volume of up to 92 dB, the larger models reach up to 108 dB. At Auer Signal you will find horns with or without funnel.

Products of the highest quality, since 1910

Warning horns, bells and other electromechanical signaling devices are developed and produced in our factory in Vienna, Austria. Since 1910, the owner-managed family business has been dedicated to developing products of the highest quality. Signaling devices from Auer Signal meet the most important industry standards and can be used worldwide. Contact us or a distributor in your area to learn more about our signaling devices.

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