Our piezo buzzers

Piezo buzzers are perfect for an application where space is very limited, especially in control cabinets. Thanks to their typical buzzer sound with a volume of up to 105 dB despite their small size, our alarm buzzers warn of problems and dangers in plants. In addition, our piezo buzzers have a very low energy consumption and a very attractive price-performance ratio, which is particularly appreciated by our customers.


What is a piezo buzzer

Piezo buzzers are among the smallest audible signaling devices. The are mostly used when there is only limited space available for the signaling device. They are especially used in control cabinets and control technology. Piezo sounders are suitable for audible warning at near distances, but still achieve a sound pressure of up to 105 dB.

How does the piezo buzzer technology work?

The word „piezo“ is derived from ancient Greek and means to press and was discovered first in 1880 by the brothers Jaque and Pierre Curie on tourmaline crystals.

Piezo technology is the interaction of mechanical pressure and electrical voltage in solids. Inside the piezo buzzer is a piezo disk with piezo crystals. By applying electrical voltage, the crystals on the disk generate vibrations and the buzzer sound is produced. The higher the voltage, the greater the vibration of the piezo crystals. Piezoelectric buzzers achieve frequencies between 2.000 to 4.000 Hz, low tones can not be generated with this technology. The buzzer sound produced by these devices is sharp, clear, and attention-grabbing, making them an effective means of signaling in different environments.

What are the advantages of piezo sounders?

Despite their small size, piezo sounders achieve an enormous sound pressure, have a low power consumption and are also cost-effective. Their small size allows them to be used in applications with very limited space as well as easy mounting (built-in dimension M22).

Piezo sounders from Auer Signal

Our built-in Series M22 – the Installable – consist of built-in beacons, piezo buzzers and visual-audible combinations. The alarm buzzers of the Series M22 have a mounting dimension of 22,5mm (M22) and are therefore suitable for simple, standardized single-hole mounting. The piezo speakers are available in the sizes 30mm, 45mm or 65mm and achieve a maximum sound pressure of 105 dB. This makes the ESG piezo buzzer the loudest built-in alarm buzzer available on the market.

Auer Signal piezo sounders have a wide voltage range from 8-24 V AC/DC to 150-260 V AC. Piezo buzzers with LED beacons are especially designed for flush mounting. They combine the typical piezo sound with a light signal and thus offer the right warning at the right time.

Fine more piezoelectric buzzers in our Series M28 as well as the Series T+U.

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