Signal tower ECO - the Flexible Allrounder

Modular signal tower series in 3 sizes

Discover our extensive range of modular signal towers from the ECO Series, available in three different diameters (40mm, 60mm & 70mm), offering a diverse range of functionalities.

ECO Series product picture

Modular signal tower system with bayonet locking

The extensive range of the modular light and sound modules allows you to change the configuration of your ECO signal tower at any time. The bayonet lock also enables immediate, automatic electrical contacting of the individual modules and the base.

State-ot-the-art LED technology with extremely high levels of efficiency

In addition to the standard luminosity, the light modules of ECO60 and ECO70 are available as High Performance models as well. The High Performance modules are equipped with special High Power LEDs that provide even brighter luminosity. All ECO signal towers offer different kinds of modules, such as steady, flashing, strobe and multi strobe function modules. Additionally, the light modules are available in six lens colors.

Audible signals for enhanced safety

Enhance the safety of your employees and your processes with additional audible signals. ECO stack lights with additional piezo buzzer or multi-tone module also generate an acoustic warning signal. With up to eight different tones, the multi-tone siren provides even more options for signaling and warning your employees.

signal tower with bayonet lock
interior view of light module
audible module for ECO signal tower

Ideally suited for demanding industrial applications

Signal towers are an integral part of the engineering industries. They are widely used in logistics centers and in building technology. With a robust protection class of IP66 and UL type 4/4X/13, our ECO stack lights are ideally suited for demanding environments, regardless of whether you opt for one of our pre-configured signal towers or the individual modules for your own installation.

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