Series A - the Mighty

Series A is the largest and most comprehensive multi-tone sounder in four sizes with a square design. You will receive the series-A multi-tone sounders in sizes of 94 mm, 132 mm, 184 mm and 228 mm. All series-A products have a high degree of protection (IP66) and, with IK09, are particularly impact-resistant and therefore vandal-proof. Like the Q series, the A series is also suitable for industrial, processing and marine applications.

The loudest multi-tone sounder of series A is the ASX, which achieves a sound pressure of 127 dB. Up to 63 keys can be selected. But also the smaller devices boast high performance. 

The multi-tone sounders of the A series can be combined with a luminaire of the M22 series. This combination is suitable if you want a dominant multi-tone sounder with an optical supplement in the form of a light indicator. All combinations are available in four sizes. Multi-tone sounders from series A in combination with series Q luminaires can be found in our product series A+Q.