BU1 Surface mount buzzer
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BU1 Surface mount buzzer

  • Ø 60 mm surface-mount buzzer
  • Max. 108 dB (A) sound pressure
  • Prewired with 2.25 m cable
  • Metal mounting bracket
  • Pulsing tone
  • Very attractive price/performance ratio
  • High degree of protection IP 66
  • Reach Declaration: The SVHC substance “titanium zirconium oxide”, CAS no. 12626-81-2, exceeds the standard value of 0.1%.


Technical data

HousingABS black
Type of mountinghorizontal, vertical or any
Cable entrypre-wired (2.25 m cable)
TonePulsing tone
Volume108 dB
Tone frequency2.200-2.400 Hz
Duty cycle100 %
Operating temperature-20 °C / +70 °C
Degree of protectionIP66
Weight110 g