Panel indicator lights

Auer Signal's panel indicator lights are perfect to display the operating status or possible malfunctions of equipment. They are mounted directly in control cabinets, control panels or on robots and machines. We manufacture various models of panel mount LED indicators with steady lights, flashing lights, strobe lights as well as multi-color lights. These small recessed lights have a very high signaling effect and can be easily mounted with a nut in a 22.5 mm drill hole. Auer Signal panel mount indicators have been manufactured in Austria to the highest quality since 1910.



What is an indicator light?

Panel indicator lights are installed in control cabinets, control panels or directly on a device, such as robots and other machines. The small indicator lights are designed to signal technical faults or to indicate the operating status. In most cases, panel indicator lights are usally installed by means of simple single-hole mounting (M22).

How does the installation of panel indicator lights work?

When mounting panel indicators, a hole is first either drilled or punched. Then the indicator light is inserted through the hole with the thread and fastened with the nut. Most of our panel indicator lights require a diameter of the drilled hole of 22.5 mm for installation. The last step is to wire the fixture.

Small indicator light, big signal effect

The portfolio of Auer Signal's indicator lights includes steady beacons, flashing beacons, beacon strobe lights as well as multicolor beacons. Despite the small design, the panel mount lights achieve a very good signaling effect. Due to powerful LEDs inside the dome, signaling with these indicator lights is very effective. In addition, selected panel mount models are also available with a panel buzzer.

The small panel mount LED lights of the series M22 have an installation dimension of 22.5mm (M22) and are easy and uncomplicated to connect thanks to the screw-plug-in terminal.

In addition to panel indicator lights with LED technology, you will also find xenon flashing beacons in our portfolio.

Signal lights of highest quality

Since 1910, Auer Signal has been developing products of the highest quality at its own production site in Vienna, Austria. Through the worldwide distribution network and international product certifications, our signal beacons are available in more than 70 countries around the world. Do not hesitate to contact us to find the right signaling device for your application.

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