Multicolor beacons

Auer Signal's multicolor beacons are perfect for function-monitoring. With a multicolor light you can alternately display the different states of machines and working devices without having to purchase an additional signaling device. Our multicolor beacon lights are available as surface mounted lights as well as panel indicator lights. The IP protection of our multicolor beacons ranges from IP40 to IP69.  Since 1910, many companies around the world have relied on Auer Signal's longtime experience. 


Multicolor beacons for function monitoring

Auer Signal multicolor beacons can display between two and seven different colors, depending on the specific model. With one single beacon, the multicolor function can alternate states without the need for another signaling device. The lenses of the multicolor beacon light are clear or milky and have color-changing, high-performance LEDs installed inside.

Multicolor beacons with steady light function

All our multicolor beacons can display the steady light function. Models from the N series (NMS) can also display the flashing light function. The external control determines which color is to be displayed. The multicolor beacons are available as panel indicator lights as well as surface mounted lights. Our multicolor beacons are therefore suitable for a wide range of applications. The M22 indicator lights are particularly suitable for control cabinet construction. The modular surface mounted lights of the R series can be combined with different bases. When used with the RBA audible base, the multicolored beacon lights can be supplemented with an audible signal. Thus, in addition to the lighting function, the audible signal can also be used to warn or announce a change of state.

One beacon, many colors

The multicolor light produced by these devices enables the conveyance of specific messages or warnings, as different colors can represent different meanings or conditions. Whether it's a flashing red for an emergency situation or a rotating combination of colors for general signaling purposes, multicolor beacons offer enhanced visibility and visual communication options. The RMM and RCMM multicolor lights of our R series offer maximum flexibility. With these multicolor beacon lights, the seven most important signaling colors can be displayed: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Clear, Magenta and Turquoise. The ITS, ITM and ITL panel indicator lights can display the colors red and green separately but also split. This means one half of the lens can shine red and the other half green. The latter variant is particularly space-saving. We are also happy to implement other color combinations for your special application. Each color is assigned a certain meaning and therefore a certain action.

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