Steady beacons

Our steady beacons are the best way to show your workers if for example a machine needs to get serviced or refilled. Thanks to our constant focus on producing high-quality products, you can rely on our continuous, steady lights for many years. Our continuous warning lights can get surface mounted or used as panel indicator lights and cover requests of degree of protection from IP40 up to IP67.


Efficient status indication with steady beacons

Increase the safety of your operations with LED steady beacons from Auer Signal. The continuous light of a light beacon can indicate the status of a machine or piece of equipment without attracting additional attention. Continuous warning lights are usually used when there is no high potential for danger. The signal often serves purely as an information signal. Based on the color of the light of a steady beacon, indications can be given as to what subsequent action is to be taken. This could be, for example, the repair or maintenance of a device. If a sudden need for increased attention arises, certain steady beacon models can change to another functional mode, such as flashing beacons. The constant flashing of the beacon increases the signal effect and is thus perceived more quickly.

Multifunctional LED steady beacons

Our multifunctional beacons can display other lighting functions in addition to the standard continuous warning light functions, depending on the model. In the case of our steady beacons with additional functions such as flashing light, the two light modes can be controlled externally. Models of the series Q additionally offer the possibility of combination with multi-tone sirens of the A series. Beacons of the series T+U can be optionally extended with the audible module TDE.

Multicolor steady beacons for function monitoring

Among our steady beacons you will also find models with color-changing LEDs. These beacons can display different colors - depending on the operating status. The multicolor beacons of the series R can display seven different signal colors as a continuous warning light. Products of our series N can also display other light patterns in addition to the steady beacon light: The continuous, flashing and alternating light functions can be controlled via a DIP switch.

Steady beacons as panel indicators and surface mounted lights

Our models are available as panel indicator lights and surface mounted lights. State-of-the-art LED technology ensures a long service life and particularly high brightness through sophisticated lens design.

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