Products for every application

From high-end products to the best value for money

At Auer Signal, you will find a complete product range of high-quality signalling equipment. In the optical signalling equipment range you can choose between an LED signal beacon from our premium Q series or a cost-effective LED flashing beacon from our G series, for example.


Series Q

Series G

Our material of choice: polycarbonate

Our material of choice: polycarbonate

Polycarbonate: the material we use for our signalling equipment

High-quality polycarbonate has many advantages: it is impact-resistant, vandal-proof, temperature-resistant, colour-fast and UV-stabilised. Our lenses are available in six different colours.

A diverse array of mounting types

A diverse array of mounting types

Every mounting type is possible

We have the right mounting solution for every application, regardless of how the signalling device is mounted. Be it horizontally, vertically, on a wall, on a pipe or magnetically.

Connections made easy

Well-thought-out connection technology saves time and money

Our well-thought-out connection technology helps you to save time, hassle and money. Convenient connection options such as push-in or clamping yoke technology guarantee high contact reliability.

High-power LED - the strongest LED

High-power LED by Auer Signal

Alongside the standard LEDs, Auer Signal also offers high-power LEDs or high-performance beacons which provide exceptional brightness and maximum light output. There is no brighter LED on the market.

The loudest multi-tone alarm sounder

ASX - the Mighty

The sounder with sound pressure of 127 dB - infinitely adjustable. The loudest siren currently available.

The ultimate M22 signalling equipment series

A complete product range in 3 sizes

Auer Signal provides the most extensive M22 panel mount signalling equipment series. Available in three sizes with the loudest panel mount buzzer currently available.

Built for extremes

Serie P - the Tough

Fully sealed signal beacon with high degree of protection for extreme areas of application in dust, ice, rain or heat. Best signalling effect thanks to modern LED and xenon technology.

For use anywhere in the world

Our signalling equipment meets all the standards

Our signalling equipment meets the key international industrial and safety standards and can therefore be used all around the world.