Beacon strobe lights

At Auer Signal, we provide a wide range of beacon strobe lights in various sizes and forms - for surface mounting or as panel indicator lights. Browse here through our portfolio of warning stobe lights and you will surely find the product matching the needs of your industry perfectly. Beacons with LED strobe lights or xenon strobe lights offer the best signaling effect by catching maximum attention. You can rely on the quality of our products designed and produced in Austria since 1910.



Beacon strobe lights: Highest signal effect

Beacon strobe lights generate the highest level of attention. The best signaling effect is achieved with LED strobe lights or xenon strobe lights through the brief flare-up of an intense light pulse. As a result, the light pulse is perceived even if the warning light is not in the direct field of view of the observer. Therefore these beacons are the right signaling device when it comes to a quick and effective warning of danger.

Proven and state-of-the-art technology: Xenon and LED

Beacon strobe lights from Auer Signal are available in two different technologies:

  • LED strobe lights
  • Xenon strobe lights

The most innovative LED technology as well as the proven Xenon technology provide reliable signaling. Due to the sophisticated combination of lens design and particularly powerful high power LEDs, the beacons from Auer Signal achieve the highest possible light output.

Xenon strobe lights generate an intense flash of light with the installed xenon flash tube. Due to the high voltage in the glass bulb, a glaring light pulse is created when the noble gas xenon is discharged. Many of our models are available in both xenon and LED versions.

You can discover the different features of the individual lighting technologies in the technical information.

High signaling effect with surface mounted lights and panel indicator lights

Beacon strobe lights are available as surface mounted lights and panel indicator lights. Surface mounted lights with the strobe light function are particularly suitable for plant construction and mechanical engineering, control technology and switch cabinet construction. In the series M22 and T+U you will find surface mounted lights with strobe and multi-strobe functions.

The wide range of panel indicator lights includes not only beacon strobe lights but also a variety of multifunctional beacons. In addition to the strobe or multi-strobe function, these lights can also display other functions such as steady light, flashing light or rotating beacon light.

Series Q beacons also have the option of being used in combination with a Series A siren as audible visual alarm. Also available as an audible visual combination are Series R beacons, which can be used with an audible base due to their flexible series concept.

Beacon strobe lights in different sizes and designs

Beacon strobe lights from Auer Signal are available in 6 different colors and different sizes. In our portfolio we offer a wide range from 30mm to 160mm diameter. Our warning strobe lights score high protection ratings up to IP67 & IP69. Also extensive are the nominal voltages offered: strobe lights in 12V up to 24V, 230V and 240V voltage.

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