Rotating beacon lights

If you're searching for classical warning lights, then have a look at our rotating beacon lights. Our rotating beacons can be surface-mounted horizontal, vertical, on a tube, or magnetic. They are available in various colours and rotate at a constant speed, regardless of temperature or environment. Get one of Auer Signal's bestseller products made of robust high-quality material polycarbonate.


360° visibility with rotating beacon lights

The rotating light of a rotating led beacon ensures particularly good perception. Due to the rotating illumination of the individual LEDs, the warning light is perceived from all viewing angles. Thus, a wide radius can be covered for warning.

Auer Signal rotating beacons lights are available in red, yellow, orange, blue, green or with a clear lens. Depending on the model, the rotating beacon can be combined with an audible signaling device to increase the signal effect.

Rotating led beacon series R and series P

The rotating light function can be found in our LED multifunctional lights of the series R and series P. In addition to numerous other light functions, the rotating beacon light’s function is used particularly frequently in multifunctional beacons. Multifunctional beacons of our series R are available as standard and high-performance variant and can display the rotating light function in two different patterns and different rotation speeds. In addition, the RDM and RDMHP models can be combined with the RBA audible base.

The PDMC5 series P multifunction beacon with rotating light function is equipped with an M12 connector. This ensures quick and easy installation. The rotating beacon can be put into operation immediately thanks to the plug & play installation.

Rotating light in best quality

Auer Signal has stood for qualitative engineering made in Austria since 1910. All signaling devices are developed and produced in Vienna, Austria. For more than 100 years we have been the right partner when it comes to technically sophisticated product solutions.

We develop our signaling devices in respect of current trends and developments. For this reason, you will find particularly powerful rotating led beacon lights in our portfolio, which are clearly perceptible even in bright sunlight. Follow rotating beacon lights to learn more about the technical advance away from rotating mirror beacons.

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