Continuous LED warning lights

Our continuous warning lights are the best way to show your workers if a machine needs to get serviced or refilled, for example. Thanks to our constant focus on producing high-quality products, you can rely on our continuous, steady lights for many years. Our continuous lights can get surface or panel mounted and cover requests of degree of protection from IP40 up to IP67.


Incandescent bulb

Continuous led warning lights: Information by signal light

Continuous led warning lights are mounted directly on an object, such as switchgear, systems and gates. Our continuous led warning lights are available in various sizes. The diameters range from 30 mm to 160 mm. The size used for a continuous led warning light depends on the maximum distance from which the signal is supposed to be perceived.

Application of Continuous led warning lights.

Continuous led warning lights are used when faults or alarms are to be indicated on machines, systems, gates and other applications. When continuous led warning lights are operating, only a permanent light signal is emitted. Therefore, the signal effect of continuous led warning lights is the lowest of all visual signaling equipment. Continous led warning lights can be used when there is no high hazard potential. The signal of a continuous led warning light often serves soley as a signal to inform employees. Due to the colour of the light in a multi-colour beacon, indications can be given as to which subsequent action is necessary. For instance, the repair or maintenance of a device.

Multi-colour beacons for functional testing.

Some models of our continuous led warning lights are multi-colour beacons. This beacon can display different colours depending on the operating status. Our multi-colour beacons can display the colours red, yellow and green. Products in our Series N can also switch from continuous led warning light to other operating modes. Continuous, flashing and alternating flashing lights can be controlled externally.

Continuous led warning lights as panel and surface mount beacons.

Continuous led warning lights from Auer Signal are available both as panel-mounted and surface-mounted beacons. In addition, you will find state-of-the-art LED technology, halogen technology or incandescent lamps in our panel mount beacons. Products of the Series M22 include our panel mount beacons with modern LED technology. The protection classes of our continuous warning lights range from IP40 to IP67.

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